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EFFECTRODE Glass-A Triode Buffer


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The Glass-A™ model GL-1A triode buffer is specially designed to do just one thing very, very well – buffer the output signal from a musical instrument fitted with a high impedance pickups or transducer. The Glass-A buffers the pickup from cables and effect pedals input stages to prevent ‘loading’ which dulls and degrades the instrument’s tone.
High voltage tube circuitry coupled with audiophile passive components makes the Glass-A a sonic dream! Its frequency response is flat from 5Hz to over 100KHz with a shallow roll-off to maintain low phase distortion. The wide linear region of a tube operating at 300V means this buffer can handle signal levels of over 50V P-P and its parallel cathode follower circuitry ensures whisper quiet operation and superb line-drive capability. The Glass-A will effortlessly handle active 5-string bass guitars, NS Stick and even ‘difficult’ instruments with fast transients such as lutes, harpsichords and hammered dulcimers to reveal more detail and improve the depth and clarity and of these instruments.

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