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BOSS "CP-1X Compressor"


145,00 €


What we found straight away was how damn easy the Boss CP1X was to use. We plugged it in and adjusted the attack knob and we were off. The pedal basically does all the work for you because of the Multi Dimension Processing which means less time on stage adjusting and more time cutting through the mix with your awesome lead breaks and funky melodies. What you don’t want out of a compressor pedal, and what most compressors unfortunately deliver is a great deal of colour in your guitar tone. You want the voice of the guitar (or pedal or amplifier) to sing true and all you want the compressor to do is add a little bit of extra oomph for that lead melody or a little bit of normalisation over that louder section of the song. The Boss CP1X delivers this in spades without colouring your tone and the 4 knob interface keeps it super simple and there is even a little gain reduction indicator that allows for you to see the amount of compression live (very cool.)

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