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1951 Heavy Relic Tele

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Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop has been a "dream factory," producing guitars that are to playing what Ferraris are to driving. The skilled craftsmen in Fender's Corona, Calif., Custom Shop are known worldwide for their artistry in making guitars that range from the fine to the fantastic. Whether it's building a new custom instrument from the ground up or modifying an existing one, their best is the best.

Fender Custom Shop instruments have been crafted for and with the input of the world's finest players-names like Clapton, Beck, Burton, Cray, Gilmour, Townshend and Vaughan, to name just a few. One could be yours.



  • Gold Plated Vintage Bridge
  • Anodized Pickguard & Tuners
  • Barrell Saddles
  • 1 Piece String Through Ash Body
  • Thin Skin Lacquer
  • Heavy Relic
  • 1 Piece Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • 6105 Frets
  • 9.5" Radius
  • Custom Shop Nocaster Pickups
  • 51 "U" Neckshape

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