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BRITISH PEDAL CO."Wooden Case Prototype MKI Tone Bender"


420,00 €


The UK fuzz box phenomenon began in 1965 when electronics engineer Gary Stewart Hurst designed an effects pedal called a Tone Bender. The first production version of the Tone Bender is referred to as the Tone Bender MKI. The MKI featured a three transistor circuit that was based upon the Gibson built Maestro Fuzz-tone. This circuit was modified by Hurst to produce more sustain than its American counter part. The story goes that guitar legend Vic Flick, the man responsible for the James Bond Theme, brought a Fuzz-tone (FZ-1) to Hurst and requested the sustain to be increased. The Tone Bender was one the first ever British made Fuzz box available to the public and sold for 14 guineas. THE BIRTH OF BRITISH FUZZ WAS BORN!

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