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Fender "Custom Shop Master Built 1957 Champ 1x10 Relic Tweed "Auto Shop Jam" (Serial AB040607)


4 395,00 €


2 uds en España, 7 en Europa, 20 en todo el mundo


All-tube, hand-wired ’57 Custom Champ™ circuitry
Fender Vintage “yellow” tone capacitors
Upsized solid pine cabinet
Upsized custom-made 10-inch, 4 Ohm Celestion G10 speaker for full, rich tonal response
Lacquered Tweed covering, ‘50s style grille cloth, and leather handle
Includes Fender Custom Shop Certificate Of Authenticity

From Fender:

“A nice amp with just a bit of grease, oil and grime.”

For 2018, the Fender Custom Shop announces a limited run of Champ 10 Relic amps, specially hand-aged by Master Builders Shawn Greene and Jim Dolmage. The amp starts with a ’57 Custom Champ chassis and a custom-made solid pine cabinet designed to house a larger 10-inch speaker. Then the magic begins, with each hand-finished amp bearing a specific “back story” as to how it ended up with its own distinct wear and tear.

A Fender Custom Shop badge on the rear panel signifies each amplifier as a genuine article.

Serial #: AB040607

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