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AC 15 + Cabinet


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This model is based on the original classic cabinet design, featuring brown grille cloth, black tolex covering (beige/fawn option available) and leather strap-type handle, as used by countless 1960s’ beat groups.

The amp’s chassis includes the traditional candy apple red JMI control panel, point-to-point wired circuitry, twin channels and four inputs (Vib/Trem, Normal). It also has the classic EF86 preamp valve.

Control layout: Vib/Trem Speed, Vib/Trem Volume, Normal Volume, Brilliance, Bass
Valve configuration: EF86 (x 1), ECC83 (x 2), EL84 (x 2), EZ81 (x 1)
Wattage: 15W
Variable mains voltage selector

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