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SABBADIUS "Phas Evolution"


295,00 €


Inspired by the best OptoPhasers in the history of phaseshifters, comes the newest Sabbadius Effect's family member: the ‰ÛÏPhasEvolution‰ÛÏ. It is a 100% analog Phaser, which mixes analog integrated circuits, LDR photocells and LEDs. This OptoPhaser outputs modern, vintage and evolutionary sounds, and provides a subtle effect. In short, it does what a Phaser is meant to do! Controls overview: Depth: Effect's intensity. Speed: Phaser effect's speed. Resonance: Effect's timbre. Features: -3PDT True Bypass mechanic switch. -Handcrafted and handwired. Every welding is double-checked to guarantee flawless operation. -Dark green Chicken Head knobs handcrafted in polyester resin. -Neutrik input and output jacks. -Metal bar to protect knobs (avoids knobs being turned when switching the effect ON and OFF with your foot in a dark stage). -Power supply: 9 volt battery or 9 volt 100 mAmps regulated power adapter (center negative). -Speed control: Red LED blinks according to the user set speed (LED remains ON even if the effect is OFF so that the user knows the phase's set speed). -Green LED signaling whether the effect is ON or OFF.

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