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John Lennon 325 V59


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"1959" 325   Reproduction of John Lennon´s first Rickenbacker after being refinished by Jim Burns 
Here are the specifications:

* Correct 2 inch thick body w/ 1/8 inch thick back
* Correct (Lennon) shaped headstock w/ 50's logo & correct screws
* Unfinished fretboard
* Elongated Jackplate
* Raised single gold pickguard w/ correct (Lennon) "5" mount screw points
* Burns reproduction knobs
* 1960's Bigsby w/ Aluminum handle w/ "Phillips" head stud
* Thick string nut (as on early '58 325's)
* No volute on back of headstock base
* Short pole pickups re-wound to 50's specs

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