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BeardsMan Bi-Chorus

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 bi-chorus tones

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The Lovepedal BeardsMan is a new take on a chorus pedal taking us into the world of bi-chorus tones. With 2 LFOs built in this pedal takes you from relatively low volume chorus sounds to some incredible unique tones that you get from running one chorus into another.
The Controls
This pedal is simple in layout to make sure you can get the sound you want instantly. The mix control acts as you would expect and increases the volume of the chorus effect. The width control sets how wide the range of the chorus will be. A shallower effect can be great for overdriven tones while you may want a larger setting for spacious wet clean settings. Finally the Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 controls set the speed of each of the chorus circuits. These are completely independent of each other so you can get some really cool sounds.

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