Short-Gun M33

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second hand, original of 60s

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WHEN ME AND THE JACK We met Head PRODUCTION OF EKO, REMO SERRANGELI, we heard a story THAT IS IN OUR NOTEBOOKS remained forgotten until it was not FOUND ON THE INTERNET HAS A TRACK THAT ALLOWED TO GIVE THIS A REMEMBRANCE a name. The story refers to the M 33/35 model also said short or Fuciletto gun. Remo said that a UN "Hairy" intercoms day the establishment of the Eko proposing a strange guitar model without the body, as a Rifle football. Remo Porto this guy at the restaurant por First, he had arrived on foot from paloma who knows, from Turin he said ... It was Enzo Maolucci. The guitar went en producing a witness, if ever there foso Need, which were different times. For music, for industry, for Italy. Guitar Eko M33 (UN a pick-up) and M35 (because de la PU) is mistakenly considered rare but I remember very well that it was well distributed and was also present in the windows of shops province. Bernardo Lanzetti was immortalized with his fuciletto on the cover of the 45 Nuclear Generating and it was a spectacular USE making twirling Having attacked the reggicinghia the buckle of the belt.

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