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TOADWORKS Meat Dual Boost


170,00 €


ToadWorks MEAT is a dual boost effect pedal, designed for maximum versatility with minimum tweakage. MEAT has been tested with a wide range of guitars and amplifiers; low output or high, solid state or tube, MEAT provides all the beefy goodness your rig needs.


ToadWorks MEAT is an Dual Boost effect designed to provide a fat, warm boost, or a crisp, clear boost, or any combination of the two. MEAT is perfect for simple solo boost, fattening up your tone while maintaining unity gain, or overdriving your amp input so hard it bleeds. MEAT is a true hybrid, utelizing both transistors and Op-Amps for different types of boost.
The switch turns the effect on and off, the Fat knob controls the amount of Deluxe Boost present in the effect, the Clean knobs controls the amount of Clean boost present in the effect, and the Level knob controls the overall boost level.
MEAT features a true-bypass circuit, so you can cut out the fat without sacrificing tone. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.

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