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TOKAI "THB 200S Black Humming Bird Limited Edition Made In Japan, Number 19 of 60 pieces made for worldwide (8 for Spain)"

2 070,00 €

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It’s no secret that the makers at Tokai Gakki loved Mosrite guitars!  So much so, they gave the Hummingbird 200S model a taste of the Mosrite shape with a German carve around the body, angled front pickup and slim but wide neck.  Tokai took the  Mosrite shape they love and went a bit crazy with it!  Body shape has elongated cutaways that protrude further out than the original Mosrite horns; these are good for when you have a crowd surfer from the audience, who gets on stage, and you want to remove him pronto before he stomps on all your effects pedals! The horns can be quite useful! This one plays and sounds great too! Hardcase.

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